Kiss Full Lips Hello

Full lips are something we’re all itching for, (at least I know I am). Unfortunately I did not hit the genetic lottery and was left to fend for myself in this cold world full of “Kylie Jenner Lips.” Lips of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and wonderful and kissable, but if you’re looking for a little more fullness in the lip department don’t worry. Momma Taylor is here for you.

The first step to having voluptuous lips is to make sure those bad boys are hydrated. Just like your actual skin, your lips need a little bit of love and a lot of hydration to be at their full potential. I put rose salve on my lips every night and it has changed my entire life. I’ve also had the same container of it for a year and a half so for all my college gals; you definitely get your money’s worth. I bet you’re wondering, “Taylor how is having moisturized lips going make them fuller?”

Well first you’re going to need a couple of things.IMG_4015

As pictured above there is lip scrub from Lush. You need to exfoliate your lips to get all of the dead skin off of your lips so they aren’t flaky. Exfoliated lips will also provide a smooth canvas for your lipstick. If you want to spend $10 on lip scrub you can go buy it at Lush, but here is a home made lip scrub that works equally as well and gives you way more bang for your buck.

Now that we have smooth and prepped lips they should look a little something like this.IMG_4020

Now it’s time for lipstick, yay! I chose to use the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, which gives a nice matte texture without leaving your lips feeling like the Sahara Desert. I chose the shade Buenos Aires because it is around the same shade of my lips and lighter lipstick creates an illusion of more full lips. These lippies are only $6, which makes my bank account and me ecstatic. Now let’s get to business. In order to apply the lip cream, wipe the excess formula off the wand and apply as you would lip liner. If you want to exaggerate your lips a tad, draw over your lip line around your cupid’s bow, (the little dip on your top lip). Be very careful when doing this and remember less is more. Don’t draw past your bottom lip because nobody wants to look like the Joker.

Your lips are lined and now just fill in the rest of your lips, you might need to add another coat. Get a little bit of concealer and put it as close around your lips as you can. Blend the concealer in to get clean lines for any mess-ups that might have occurred. Now we are going to highlight your lips. You can use a highlighter like I did or any light shimmery eye shadow and just dot it in the center of your cupid’s bow. Now your lips are good to go and you have an excuse to take duck face pictures.


XOXO, Taylor.


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