Beauty Banter Blog Review

Beauty Banter by Sarah Howard is an exquisite and informational blog for beauty junkies alike. This blog covers a multitude of categories from hair to makeup trends happening now. The style of the blog is clean-cut and easy to navigate, creating a wonderful user experience. DIY beauty products are featured on this blog as well as fashion. Overall the blog is helpful and fun for the beauty obssesed.

The most exciting part of Beauty Banter in my opinion is the under $10 section. Howard finds great beauty buys that are no more than $10 and reviews them so you don’t have to. Some of her other under $10 buys include hair products, sunscreens and beach essentials. My personal favorites are, “10 Of The Best Drugstore Makeup Products” and, “Under $10: Drugstore Mascaras.”


I can vouch that Howard knows what she’s talking about. After reading her blog I happened to be at a drugstore and picked up one of her recommendations. I bought and tried the Sonia Kashuk cream highlighter stick and I fell in love with it. Howard was also correct about the fact that these products can deliver desired results without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for new beauty products that won’t have you mortgaging your house I highly recommend Beauty Banter!


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