Glow Away

The secret to glowing skin and a lovely complexion isn’t caking on 12 different products. The secret to glowing skin starts with what you’re putting in your body. I love junk food as much as the next person, I have no shame in putting away an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting but that’s not going to help my skin look alive in the morning time. Everybody’s  skin type is different and skin care routines are unique for everyone. Follow me on the journey to skin care that works for people of all skin types.

Hydration Station

Ditch that soda for a bottle of water. Obviously nothing feels as good at that first sip of soda but they severely dehydrate your skin. One of the most important steps, if not the most important step to healthy skin is to drink water and plenty of it. I drink water like it’s my day job and it has made the utmost difference in the quality of my skin. Not only is water good for your skin but it will also give you more energy and your body will thank you. To amp up your water try adding lemon to it or one of these infused waters for clear skin.

You Are What You Eat 

It’s a myth that chocolate causes you to break out but it’s no myth that there are certain food that  work a little harder for your skin than others. One of the super foods for skin and hair is avocado. The good fats and vitamins in avocado help cell turnover in your skin aiding in the moisture and protection for your facial skin. Don’t believe me? Here’s some science to prove it. All hail Queen Avocado. image1

Some other foods that will bring your skin to another level are green tea, walnuts, pomegranates and oatmeal. The best things about these skin remedies are that they can be found in your local grocery store and are an economical choice to an expensive skin serum. Beautiful skin starts with a healthy diet, so love your body, love your pores and eat more consciously. It might just save you money on powder and concealer. The healthier your skin is the less products you’ll have to use. Glow away beautiful creatures.




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