High End Low End

The entire goal of this blog has been to bring beauty products to people who are also trying to save some money. Being in college I am amongst the people who should be buying groceries rather than a new lipstick. With that being said, having some high end makeup can be totally doable. I like to look at my makeup drawer has a hodge podge of drugstore makeup and Sephora. Lucky for me almost all of my expensive makeup was given to me by Santa (thanks Santa). However, there are also a few pieces I saved for. This blog post is going to give you an array of prices for makeup. What’s most important to remember is that makeup is more about your skill of application than buying an eyeliner that’s $40.

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The products that pull a lot of weight for a low price are the NYX brow pencil, the color pop liquid lipstick and the Sonia Kashuk highlighter stick. The NYX brow pencil costs $10. It is super easy to use and includes a brush on the other end to blend the product throughout your eyebrows. The pencil is simple to apply and has shades perfect for any hair color. The Colourpop liquid lipstick cost $6 and provides a strong pigmentation. This liquid lipstick is easy to apply but has the tendency to be a tad sticky. Overall the lipstick stays wonderfully on the lips and it even lasted through me eating a PB&J. The Sonia Kashuk stick highlighter cost $12 and makes me feel like a radiant sun goddess. Out of all the products mentioned this highlighter is my favorite. The Sonia Kashuk highlighter honestly works better than highlighter I own from Sephora and I rarely leave the house without swiping some on.

The high-end products I used definitely enhanced my face, but the focal points of my face, such as my lips and cheekbones, were created using drugstore cosmetics. My philosophy on buying expensive makeup is this: Never buy expensive mascara and lipstick. Mascara dries out so quickly that buying expensive brands are almost like throwing away money. When it comes to lipstick, there are so many wonderful and frugal brands such as Colourpop, that have been taking all of my money lately. When it comes to buying concealers, foundations, powders and skincare products, I recommend splurging because your skin is really important and needs to be taken care of. Now go on and be beautiful you stunning goddesses.



My Attempt at Color Correcting

I have noticed a lot of hype over the NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette. The purpose of this palette is to target problem areas on your skin such as redness, dark circles, dullness and sallow undertones in the skin by using opposite colors on the color wheel to even out the skin. The NYX palette was $12 so I decided to try my hand at color correcting on mine and my roommate’s skin. To my roomies, if you’re reading this thank you for letting me color on your face.

I started out with the lovely Bianca. Bianca has freckles and red hair AKA she’s a ginger. Her face has the tendency to get red but other than that there were not any other issues. I focused on using the green concealer to cover the overall redness and blemishes on her face. I blended the product in with a Beauty Blender that I found for $1, just click the link to see for yourself! It works just as well as the name brand blenders. The green took away all of the redness, but required a lot of blending. Once the color was blended I applied her foundation and powder. Here are the before,(on the left) and after, (on the right) pictures.

The beautiful Yali was my next victim for color correction. Yali is hispanic and has a completely different skin tone from Bianca. What I targeted with Yali’s skin was slight redness and the dark circles underneath her eyes. Once again I used the green to combat the redness and for the dark circles I used the buttercream yellow color on the palette. Overall the colors were corrected but the palette did not work as well for her darker skin and made her look slightly more pale than she actually is. Here are the before, (left) and after,(right) pictures.

Lastly I color corrected yours truly. I have very fair skin without freckles. My main problem is redness but for the purpose of this experiment I corrected the slight darkness under my eyes and the dull patches on my face. The only new color I used this time was the peach color to combat dullness. The color correction worked the best on my skin since I don’t have freckles.  With that being said I still felt way paler that I actually am, and that’s definitely an achievement because I look like I’ve never seen the sun. I added some blush to try and make my face look less zombie-like.  Here are the before, middle and after pictures.

My verdict for the NYX Color Correcting Palette is two out of five stars. If you don’t have fair, pale and white skin the concealer is likely to make you look pale and is not suited for dark skin tones. If you do decide to use the palette, a little goes a long way and I suggest sticking to using one or two colors. Unless you have major skin issues it’s not worth $12 to only use one or two colors out of the six-color palette. The peach color made no difference in making my face look less dull. The best color was the buttercream yellow for dark circles, the green was a close second. If you’ve had a better experience with this palette please share your experience with me. Thanks for color correcting with me you shining diamonds.

Live and Let Lash

Eyelashes are one of the most important features of the face, and I was not blessed. I inherited my dad’s lashes. I’m talking, my eyelashes are practically nonexistent without mascara and so I bring to you today a life changing mascara. I’ve heard the rave reviews of the Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara and here I bring to you, the college girl version.

I looked up the best dupes for the “Better than Sex” mascara and the Rimmel London “Scandaleyes” seemed to be the biggest drugstore competitor. I had never tried the Too Faced mascara before and didn’t know what to expect. When I’m looking for mascara I’m mostly looking for length and volume to prove to the world that I do, in fact, actually have eyelashes. In trying both of these mascaras, both of them had wide and fanned out brushes which really kept my eyelashes from clumping up.

Here are my little baby lashes before putting any mascara on:

The Too Faced mascara made my eyelashes slightly longer but the “Scandaleyes” held it’s own, especially in price comparison. The “Better than Sex” mascara being $23 and the “Scandeyes” being $6. If you still desire the Too Faced mascara, try buying the sample size for $12 from stores like Sephora or Ulta. The sample size lasts a long time especially since mascara needs to be replaced frequently. Overall I would say that the “Scandaleyes” definitely holds its own and gives you a lot more bang for your buck.

The right side is “Better than Sex” and the left is “Scandaleyes.”


To help your eyelashes without mascara try this lash serum. I live by putting the serum on every night as well as taking biotin every day. Biotin is a vitamin that can be bought at any drugstore and it helps promote healthy skin, nails and hair growth. So have a beautiful day sweet darlings and remember that all eyelashes are beautiful.