High End Low End

The entire goal of this blog has been to bring beauty products to people who are also trying to save some money. Being in college I am amongst the people who should be buying groceries rather than a new lipstick. With that being said, having some high end makeup can be totally doable. I like to look at my makeup drawer has a hodge podge of drugstore makeup and Sephora. Lucky for me almost all of my expensive makeup was given to me by Santa (thanks Santa). However, there are also a few pieces I saved for. This blog post is going to give you an array of prices for makeup. What’s most important to remember is that makeup is more about your skill of application than buying an eyeliner that’s $40.

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The products that pull a lot of weight for a low price are the NYX brow pencil, the color pop liquid lipstick and the Sonia Kashuk highlighter stick. The NYX brow pencil costs $10. It is super easy to use and includes a brush on the other end to blend the product throughout your eyebrows. The pencil is simple to apply and has shades perfect for any hair color. The Colourpop liquid lipstick cost $6 and provides a strong pigmentation. This liquid lipstick is easy to apply but has the tendency to be a tad sticky. Overall the lipstick stays wonderfully on the lips and it even lasted through me eating a PB&J. The Sonia Kashuk stick highlighter cost $12 and makes me feel like a radiant sun goddess. Out of all the products mentioned this highlighter is my favorite. The Sonia Kashuk highlighter honestly works better than highlighter I own from Sephora and I rarely leave the house without swiping some on.

The high-end products I used definitely enhanced my face, but the focal points of my face, such as my lips and cheekbones, were created using drugstore cosmetics. My philosophy on buying expensive makeup is this: Never buy expensive mascara and lipstick. Mascara dries out so quickly that buying expensive brands are almost like throwing away money. When it comes to lipstick, there are so many wonderful and frugal brands such as Colourpop, that have been taking all of my money lately. When it comes to buying concealers, foundations, powders and skincare products, I recommend splurging because your skin is really important and needs to be taken care of. Now go on and be beautiful you stunning goddesses.



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