It’s a Wrap

This blog was created for a class assignment and has become so much more to me. Throughout my blogging experience the tool that was most effective was the sharing tool that automatically shares blog posts to your linked social media accounts. The least effective tool was the categories and tags tool. The categories and tags tool was in no way beneficial to my blog.

If I were to do my blog differently I would definitely take more time to really curate my blog posts. I would dedicate more time to researching my topic as well as take better and more unique photos. This experience blogging has already helped me and will continue help me in the future. The internship I just recently received wants to utilize a blog to help promote their brand and were very interested in my blogging experience. Blogging and branding is a vital part to public relations. The blogging community is becoming very popular and brings a whole new audience to public relations practitioners.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.19.09 PM

According to my WordPress stats, my most popular week was the week of April 4 to April 10 with 224 views and 117 visitors. My most popular post was “Live and Let Lash” with 84 views. I believe this post was most popular because I had been actively posting every week and my view count was increasing since my content was becoming more active. Out of all of my statistics none of the data was surprising to me. Overall my blog was a wonderful learning experience and brought me skills that will continue to benefit me in the future.


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